About us
Atti2de is an Italian start-up founded in 2013 which develops innovative technologies applied to job and new employee search.
Atti2de developed an application that merges internet global accessibility with video game simulation to allow anyone to discover his or her unbiased personal profile.
Thanks to Atti2de, people can improve self-knowledge, career guidance and share additional personal information not included in the traditional curriculum vitae.
Thanks to Atti2de, companies can better identify relevant candidates and improve the efficiency of the recruiting process.
This business has been developed thanks to regione Lombardia funding.
the team
Maurizio Gamberini – Chairman
Extensive work experience in on-line recruiting and HR as Managing Director at: Trovolavoro, Eurolabour, Ergonline, Start-People, StepStone. Degree in Business Administration and Executive MBM - Erasmus University Rotterdam.
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Roberto Vaccani – Board member
Senior Lecturer of Organization and Human Resources Management at SDA Bocconi University in Milan, Italy (1975 - 2016).
Author of the MASPI attitudinal model and founder of Bocconi University POL (Personal Orientation Lab).
Degree in Business Administration.
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Gian Luca D’Apote – Managing Director
20 years work experience in the marketing departments of: Barclays Bank, Citibank, EuropAssistance, StepStone, TIM.
Degree in Political Sciences and Executive MBA at SDA Bocconi Business School Milan, Italy.
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