About us
Atti2de is an innovative Start Up that develops technologies applied to personnel recruitment and selection, organizational analysis and career guidance.
Atti2de technologies replace old personality tests and annoying questionnaires with a videogame distraction and involvement and collect, in less than 30 minutes, over 200 hints on player's personality, processing them in real time to define a 12 dimensions Personal Profile.
With a few clicks, our algorithms match the Personal Profile with 400 ISCO professions (International Standard Classification of Occupations) and with more than 900 jobs, calculating a synthetic affinity index including strengths and weaknesses.
With Atti2de candidates can improve their self knowledge, discover the most suitable job opportunities and communicate their soft skills.
Thanks to the Personal Profile, companies save time and immediately identify the most suitable candidates knowing their soft skills even before meeting them.
Companies can even measure employees’ aptitudes, identify their best career paths, develop their potential and optimize teams composition.
Thanks to Atti2de, Schools and Universities career guidance activities can be based on an innovative soft skills measurement that help students to discover as well as use them to identify the most fitting jobs.
This business has been developed thanks to regione Lombardia funding.