Discover employees’ aptitudinal profile

Thanks to the MASPI model, used by the Bocconi’s University Graduates Orientation Project since 1998, we scientifically automatically define a quantitative player’s profile of 12 dimensions out of 45.000 possible different combinations. Companies could then discover how and if in a decision process one of their employees preferes to listen, to analyze, to project or to decide; if he likes to approach situations in their entirety, or to get deep into details; if he treats people equally, or giving more importance to hierarchical relationships; if he finds the glass half full or half empty; and if he defends his ideas with more or less energy. As aptitudes are not in general neither positive nor negative, but are only more or less fitting to each role, job title and organizzation, with Att2de the companies could better understand and solve the basic individuals reasons of low or inadequate performances.